Which Marinas Are Found in Newport Beach?

Balboa Marina - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/varintsai/3861758364/

Newport Beach is known for a lot of things. One of them being the many marinas they have to offer both residents and visitors alike. Below I will share with you four very popular marinas found in Newport Beach.

Bayshore Marina

Bayshore Marina is located on the main channel of Newport Harbor. It is nestled within the Bayshore community and is considered one of the most prestigious marinas in the Newport area. From this marina you will have easy access to many of the main attractions found at Newport Harbor. You will also have a front row seat to the very popular Christmas Boat Parade that takes place here every year.

Balboa Marina

When it comes to fishing, sailing, kayaking, and all other boating activities, Balboa Marina is the place to be. It is by far the largest recreational boat harbor on the west coast. It has 132 boat slots of which many open directly onto the main channel. This makes docking and departing very easy.

Bayside Marina

Bayside Marina is located a few short minutes inside the entrance of the Newport Harbor. If you enjoy passing time at sea, this is the perfect location. The ocean views are spectacular and the sunsets are even better.

At this marina you will only be a short walking distance from the restaurants and good shopping in Balboa Island. There are five private yacht clubs that organize all boating activities.

Villa Cove Marina

Villa Cove Marina is located right across from Balboa Island. You can sit right at your boat slip and watch the sunset every night. It really is amazing. You can also walk to the shops at Balboa. Some of the Maritime operations today include harbor tours, whale watching, sport fishing, and a ferry to Catalina Island.

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