July 2009

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The Orange County housing market continues to improve as pending sales increase and inventory decreases.  Pending sales are over 3300 today, an increase of 675 from a year ago.  The active inventory has dropped to under 9000 for the first time since Feb. 2006.  This number is nearly 50% less than the peak inventory numbers in 2007.

To give a sense of how "hot" the market is, the expected market time for single family homes in Orange County priced from $250,000 to $500,000 is only 1.5 months!  Distressed sales- bank foreclosures and short sales, make up nearly 75% of the sales in the $500,000 and under price point.  Though, the amount of distressed inventory active on the market has continued to decrease as buyer demand is outweighing supply.

We have

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The Aaronson Group launches website and marketing plan specific to homeowners facing foreclosure hardship in the Orange County Real Estate market.  www.OCShortSaleNow.com






The Aaronson Group has developed a marketing strategy and website that is focused on assisting distressed homeowners find information and investigate options to avoid the foreclosure process. As an expert in short sales, a real estate transaction option that banks will consider instead of foreclosure with specific guidelines, The Aaronson Group is determined to provide essential knowledge to homeowners in Orange County facing this unfortunate circumstance.



Benefits Of Our Short Sale Program:

  • FREE - Absolutely No Fees or Cost To You
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