Where Are the Best Waffles in Orange County?

WafflesWaffle lovers are always looking for a great place to get a waffle in the morning in Orange County. While there are always franchise options with standard breakfast waffles, nothing beats a local waffle house not found anywhere else. Here are the best local places to grab a waffle in Orange County.

Plums Café - 369 East 17th Street, Costa Mesa, CA

If you’re looking for a waffle variety and not just a plain waffle, try Plums Café. They carry a huge variety of choices including, the chocolate banana waffle.

For $15 you get waffles made with chocolate in the batter and topped with caramel, sliced bananas and whipped cream. Another favorite is the Northwest Berry Waffles, which are fresh waffles topped with fresh berries. Regardless of your choice, Plums Café will provide an excellent waffle for your next breakfast.

Bruxie - 292 North Glassell Street, Orange, CA

Have you ever heard of a waffle sandwich? Bruxie in the OC offers sandwiches with waffles used as the bread. Their waffles are made with a traditional Brussels recipe and are strong enough to hold your favorite toppings in the middle.

In the middle of your waffle sandwich, fill it with buttermilk fried chicken, Hot Pastrami or Prosciutto & Gruyere. For a sweet treat, fill it with Nutella & Banana, S’Mores or Crème Brulee. Since the Belgian Waffles are not sweet, you can make all kinds of sandwich varieties.

The Iron Press - 3321 Hyland Avenue, Suite E, Costa Mesa, CA

The philosophy at The Iron Press is “we like beer and waffles.” The Iron Press offers waffle sandwiches as well and pairs them with your favorite local beer. Some favorites include the Hot Polish Bratwurst and the Grilled Panko Crusted Fish.

Whether you prefer just waffles for breakfast or for any other meal, these unique options will provide just what you’re looking for in Orange County.

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