What Will You Find at the Cismontane Brewing Company?

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Cismontane Brewing Company is a favorite in the OC. It’s a microbrewery that works to make great beers reflect the culture of southern California as well as its natural phenomena. They offer a public tasting room and sell their beers in bars around the area. What started as a creation of two native SoCal guys, Ross Stewart and Evan Weinberg, has evolved into a local favorite.

Cis montane was the chosen name because it represents the geographical area of Santa Barbara to San Diego and the brewery wanted to create a brand that represents the unique natural aspects of the region. Here is a look at what they are all about.

About the brewery

The brewery is dedicated to creating beers unique to the culture and natural aspects of the region. Each beer is named after a unique feature to the local area. The small and accessible brewery is located on the side of the largest mountain in the OC. Located in the city of Rancho Santa Margarita, the brewery offers great views from Santiago peak and trails through the canyons that offer inspiration for the beers.

The tasting room is warm and comfortable that is welcome to all. They are open weekdays from 3pm-9pm, Saturdays from noon – 9pm and Sundays from 12pm to 5pm at 29851 Aventura Suite D in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

The Beer

Their core brews include favorites like Holy Jim Falls, the Citizen and Coulter IPA. Holy Jim Falls is named after the falls at the end of Holy Jim trail in the Trabuco Canyon right near the brewery. It’s a clean Extra Pale Ale, hoppy and refreshing. The Citizen is a golden warm fermented lager. Coulter IPA was named after big cone pine trees and is brewed with a hit of rye and deeper malt character.

Stop in to Cismontane Brewing Company all week to experience their southern California flavors.

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