The Top Beach Spots in Newport Beach


Newport Beach is an eight-mile stretch of sandy beach, which starts from Santa Ana River jetty and ends at Crystal Cove State Park, bordering the Newport Bay. The entire stretch is open to public, and it contains various beaches where you can enjoy endless beach activities. There are many rental shops near the beach, where you can rent items like skates and surfboards. Every beach in Newport Municipal Beach has something unique to offer.

The various Newport Beaches attract all types of crowd from all age brackets. The beach has various activities that the whole family can enjoy. You can play beach sport in some of the beach areas, for instance, volleyball and swimming. In some areas, there are bike-riding paths, piers, lifeguards and even picnic tables. You can come with your pet to the beach from 5pm in the evening and before 9 am in the morning.

Balboa Peninsula Beach

This is your socializing spot. In fact, the movie industry has affirmed that Balboa is the perfect spot to meet people walking their dogs within the stipulated time. Moreover, you can engage in various beach activities, for instance, surfing, beach jogging, and you can also get a gorgeous tan on the Peninsula Beach.

Balboa Pier Beach

Pier Beach is where you will have numerous amenities, and you can experience the ultimate beach experience. The beach has metered street parking available from as early as 6 am in the morning until 10 pm in the evening. The beach has lifeguards, picnic tables if you want to have a beach picnic. Moreover, if you want to have a barbeque, you can use the public barbeque grills on the beach. The council regulations allow the fire rings and public barbeques from as early as 6 am until 10 pm in the evening.

Crystal Cove State Park Beaches

Crystal Cove is a stretch of gorgeous cliffs on the costal line, sandwiched between the Pacific Coast highway and the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the Laguna Beach, and it has a paved beach parking. Crystal Cove holds three beaches below the bluffs. Reef Point is one of the beach spots found under the coves. If you love scuba diving or snorkeling, this must be your favorite spot.

Cameo Shores Beach

The public beach has a high tide, and you can access the beach through the rocky shoreline.  When you want to enjoy the magnificent scene, avoid the tide. When the tide withdraws, you can see the breathtaking pool tides. The Cliff Island is perfect location for jumping off the cliff during summer. However, you should not jump unless you are with the locals who know the right spots for cliff jumping. If you love bird watching, take a strategic post at Arch Rock.

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