Pelican Point: The Attraction of Newport Coast

California is one of the most livable states in the country and one that has the best quality of life. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it all boils down to where exactly in California you will be living. With an abundance of options, it is easy to be overwhelmed, and some might make a decision on the basis of price alone. Others would consider proximity to their work or business as the most practical deciding factor. If you are in the market for a thriving and luxurious community, one of the top picks that should not be missed is Pelican Point, Newport Coast.

Gated for Security

Among others, one of the best features about living in Pelican Point is its security measures. There are security personnel posted on duty to screen people who will be entering the gated community. It is perfect fit for families with children as parents can rest assured of the safety of their kids.

Enjoy Privacy

There are only few homes in Pelican Point, which means that you will be able to enjoy utmost privacy. Unlike in other neighborhoods that are cramped, the luxury of space is one of the things that you can enjoy here. You will have neighbors, but you will be able to enjoy your own private space. Indeed, it is a luxury that cannot be found in other communities.

Take Advantage of Stunning Views

How does it feel to be living in a community that offers panoramic sunset views complemented with the tranquil sight of the ocean? You will only know once you experience living in Pelican Point. Its biggest selling point is perhaps the fact that it offers stunning views that will perfectly complement your luxurious life.

A Stone’s Throw Away from the Beach

If you love the sun, sea, and sand, you will have another good reason to be living in Pelican Point. It is within short distance from the Corona del Mar and Crystal Cove beaches. This makes it perfect for those who do not have the patience to drive far for a weekend that is filled with fun and beach adventures.

Pelican Hill Golf Course

If you love playing golf, you will definitely love the ease of access to Pelican Hill Golf Course, which some houses even offer a spectacular view of. There is no need to travel far to enjoy a high-end golf course or to hold an afternoon business meeting. Truly, the attractive amenities of Pelican Hill provide that little extra for those seeking a home by the Orange County coast.

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