Don't Miss These Beaches in Laguna Beach


Laguna Beach is popular for its crystal clear water and breath taking beaches that can be found within the area. The landscape on the area is not to be undermined as it also offers different possibilities and experience for the tourists. With the huge selection of beaches in Laguna, Beach you can be sure that there will be a beach that will perfectly suits your mood. There are beaches perfect for people watching, volleyball, bonfire and others. Following are a list of some of the most popular beaches in Laguna Beach.

Thousand Steps Beach

Thousand Steps Beach has got to be the largest beach in Laguna Beach.  It is complete with volleyball court, tide pools, and restrooms. The southern edge of the Thousand Steps Beach, a cave can be explored. But unfortunately, you can only have an access to the cave when the tide is low.  On the other end of the Thousand Steps Beach is another rock tunnel. This tunnel will lead you to Totuava beach.  Unfortunately, you can only gain an entry on this beach during low tides, and even then it is still difficult to access.

Goff Cove

Goff Cove is situated in the middle of Christmas Cove and Treasure Island.  You can gain an access to this beach by passing through the stairs that directly leads to Montage Resort.  Surfing is not allowed in this beach.  The tourist, however, can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving.  It also has tide pools and complete kayaking equipments.

Christmas Cove

Christmas Cove can be easily access from the Montage. The Christmas Cove is a better choice if you want to stay away from the crowded beach of the Treasure Island. This beach is a perfect blend of a rocky reef and sandy bottom.  Diving, kayaking, snorkeling, SUP, swimming are some of the most favorite thing that beach goers can do in this area.

Treasure Island

Situated on the northern part of the Aliso Creek Beach, Treasure Island is a beach with a good amount of sand but it can be crowded during the weekends especially during summer. Different types of amenities such as Tide pools, swimming, SUP, snorkeling, kayaking, and diving are provided in the area. There is also a parking lot nearby.

Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach can be found in the Southern area of Laguna Beach. It is popular because of its medieval-style tower built on the sand in 1926. If you want to have a great visibility of this tower, then it is perfect to visit it during low tide. People who commonly use this beach are the local who resides within the area. The place has a volleyball court, and it is also perfect for skimming, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, etc.

Aliso Creek Beach

Aliso Creek Beach is also located in the Southern part of Laguna Beach. Unlike some of the beaches in the area, Aliso Creek Beach has a large parking space for visitors. Unfortunately, the water here has deemed to be contaminated and is not safe for swimming. When visiting Aliso Creek Beach, be sure to check the quality and visibility of the water first before swimming.

Main Beach

Main Beach is located at the heart of Laguna Beach. The site offers amenities such as basketball court, volleyball court, and play area, especially for kids. The place is well monitored by a lifeguard on the tower which can be found on the center of the Main Beach. During the entire month of summer, surfing is generally prohibited.  Heisler Park can be found on the northern part of the Main Beach.

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