Discover the Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park in Coto de Caza, CA

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Coto de Caza is known for its many parks. Every year thousands of people visit this park to do everything from horseback riding to mountain biking. One of the most popular parks found in Coto de Caza is Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park. Here’s a look at this park and what is has to offer.

The Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park

Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park is considered a wildlife sanctuary. It is home to a variety of different native plants and animals. It consists of two flowing creeks that are bordered by live oaks and Western sycamores.

This park is over 500 acres of wilderness. There are also five miles of tracks and trails that can be used for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and much more. If you are a beginning mountain biker you will love the easy trails. They provide a great way for you to practice.

If you would like to learn more about the sanctuary you can take a ranger led hike. This outdoor classroom style of teaching is always a big hit with both children and adults. It gives you the opportunity to experience wildlife and its habitat firsthand. It’s unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

There is enough parking here for 50 vehicles and horse trailers as well. Other amenities you will find here include 4 pipe corrals for equestrians, portable restrooms, handicap access, drinking fountains and picnic tables.

Hours and Admission

The park is open every day from 7am to sunset. It will cost you $3 a day to park. The parking machine only accepts dollar bills and Visa or MasterCard.

If you plan on visiting often you may want to invest in an OC Parks Annual Parking Pass. Check at the ranger station for information about this option.

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