Community Spotlight: Laguna Beach's Emerald Bay


Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach, California is among the best and most sought after communities in the world because of its strategic location, bringing its community members the easiest and most exclusive access to the beaches and coves. What is it really like to be living in Emerald Bay?

The Mediterranean Living

Staying in Emerald Bay is often likened to living in the south of France. The ability to see countless of boats being parked in the bay, especially during the summer time, will make one feel like living in the Mediterranean. Even better is its exclusive use: the best feature in this community is its huge private beach surrounded by multi-million dollar homes – non-residents of Emerald Bay will find it hard to access this place at all.

Surf Culture

If you feel like living a more adventurous life in Laguna Beach, that is totally possible. Residents in the area incorporate surfing into their lifestyles so do not be surprised if you get into it yourself. The Brooks Street Surfing Classic is among the oldest continuing surf contests in the entire world. However, even this competition is very exclusive as it is only open to residents of Laguna Beach.

Music and the Arts

When it comes to music and the arts, Emerald Bay and Laguna Beach are not to be left behind. The place has a bustling art community, which you can check out through the Laguna Art Museum. There is also the Festival of the Arts that features the works of awesome local artists. There are plenty of things to check out in Laguna Beach all year round, with an annual chamber music festival also held during the winter months.

The Most Ideal Place to Be

Its strategic location, mild all-year climate and natural landscape are among the many reasons why many people love to live in Laguna Beach. The beaches and canyons have attracted many painters who have tried to capture the beauty of the area through their works of art. Hills and canyons could also be found in the city so if you do not feel like doing any water activities for the day, you can always choose to climb up and get a stunning city view from a higher ground.

Emerald Bay is the crown of the city with the most stunning beaches in the world. There are also a lot of activities that you can do around the area, including playing a game of volleyball and tennis. The community even has a club house pool that you can lounge in. Parks and playgrounds – even its very own fire station – make Emerald Bay among the most ideal beach communities to live in the Laguna Beach area.

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