Attraction Spotlight: TheCaliCamp

SurfboardingAre you ready to take surf lessons in Orange County? TheCaliCamp is a surf camp in California offering lessons Monday through Friday. They take you to various locations depending on your abilities and the size of the waves. You’ll stay at the Dana Point Marina Inn just five minutes away from the beach. Here is a look at what TheCaliCamp is all about.


The camp was designed to give weeklong surf instructions to those of all levels of experience. You’ll get two daily lessons, transportation to the surf spots and instructions. You’ll have meals provided, and after surfing you can enjoy yoga, dinner and relaxation. The hotel has a pool and fitness center as well. Once a week they offer a sunset surf with a beach bonfire and BBQ.

The trainers will offer you a safe surfing environment with a magical and awesome experience. TheCaliCamp is a clean camp with a great atmosphere and well-trained staff offering a memorable experience surfing at area beaches.

Hotel & What Your Package Includes

The Dana Point Marin Inn is located at 24800 Dana Point Harbor Drive. You’ll stay in a double room with two beds for you and your roommate. The rooms have Wi-Fi, a TV, air conditioning and fridge. You’ll have access to the pool and their fitness room. You’ll get breakfast included daily, access to equipment, and transportation. You can pay extra for a single double room.

Your package will include:

  • Surf guiding twice daily in the summer
  • Surf guiding twice daily in the winter weather permitting
  • Video coaching and analysis
  • Equipment left with you so that you can go on your own too

You can bring your own equipment or rent from the program. They have wetsuits and surfboards.


Those that have tried TheCaliCamp say that the instructors were excellent and the situation felt safe and secure. They provide you with plenty of knowledge on surfing and drive you to unique surf spots. They are friendly, relaxed, and personal.

Enjoy an authentic California experience taking surf lessons with TheCaliCamp.

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