A Trip Down Corona Del Mar State Beach

Corona Del Mar in Spanish means "Crown of the Sea." It is a town located in the luxurious city of Newport Beach and is popular for its exotic beaches, Cliffside, and tide pools. Its land faces the San Joaquin Hills on the seaward side and Pacific Ocean on the front side. The town hosts several beaches, including Corona del Mar State Beach and Crystal Cove State park on the south of the town. You can access the park through paths winding down the hillside of San Joaquin.

Notably, Corona del Mar State Beach is at the eastside of the Newport Harbor. This is a state-owned beach, and you have to pay parking fees before accessing the beach. The City of Newport manages the beach, and once you enter the beach, you can enjoy the various facilities. Beyond the beach, a flat area has recreational facilities like volleyball courts. There is also ample space for people who want to sunbath. The beach has a huge parking lot, but it is always full because of the large number of visitors.

The Corona del Mar State Beach is triangular shaped, and there is an alternative entrance into the beach. You can access the beach through the east end of the Ocean Boulevard and Orchid Park. In fact, this is a free entrance just above the Blufftop Park. However, you have to hike through the trails in order to access the island. The beach offers a safe swimming area and it has lifeguard during the day. Once you get into the beach, you will find various facilities for instance restrooms, public showers, and picnic tables.

If you take a stroll down the coast, you will find Little Corona in Corona del Mar State Beach. This small sandy area has amazing tide pools. You can access this area of the beach by walking from Poppy Avenue. You will not pay any parking fee in this end of the beach. However, it is not easy to find parking, even in the residential streets of the beach. You can check out the marine life in the tide pools. For instance, you will find starfish and crabs on these tides.

There are many restaurants and shops you can explore lining Corona Del Mar State Beach. Whether you window-shop, participate in fun activities at the park, swim, surf, dive, or snorkel in the Pacific Ocean, or even visit the Robert E. Badham Marine Life Refuge to see the wildlife, Corona del Mar embraces its character as a great place to adventure and settle down in.

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