Which Restaurants Serve the Top Mussels in Orange County?

Mussel - Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mussel_dish.jpg

Not everywhere you go that serves mussels are going to get them right. To find the best mussels in Orange County you have to know what separates the good for the amazing. The following restaurants give you the most flavorful and decadent mussel dishes you can find.

A Few of Your Options to Consider

The first location with amazing mussels is the Kettlebar in the Anaheim Packing District. This is the place that takes a simple mix of ingredients to create magic. The mussels here are steamed with Chardonnay and shallots. They offer this delicious treat as an appetizer and as a full meal.

The next great place to find amazing mussels is Mesa. They offer two different types of mussels that allow you to choose your favorite. One is steamed with paprika and chili flakes while the other has just the right amount of lemon and butter. You can choose the best one for your taste buds or try both!

Brussels Bistro is located in Laguna Beach and has an amazing take on the classic dish of Mussels Mariniere. This is everyone's favorite place for the dish. At Bruno's Trattoria in Bres, CA there are amazing mussels prepared with fennel giving them a unique taste you will love. The Juliette Kitchen and Bar at Newport Beach is famous for their spicier mussels prepared with harissa butter and chorizo among other delicious flavors.

You Won’t Have Trouble Finding Mussels in Orange County

These are just a few of the proven amazing spots to eat mussels in Orange County. We hope to have saved you a lot of time on your quest for the best ones in the area. With all the different options it is completely okay to make your rounds and find the one you consider the best.

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