Where Will You Find the Best Writing Classes in the OC?

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In his poem, “Adam’s Curse,” Yeats once described the process of writing as something that requires effort and dedication, yet had to appear effortless for readers to appreciate it. Whether you are a new poet looking to learn the ropes, or an established author wanting feedback in a workshop format, the OC has writing classes that can help you hone your craft.

Best for Kids: Bridges Reading and Writing Institute

Bridges focuses on teaching children of all ages about the joys that come with reading and writing. Classes are two hours long and can focus on one of many in-depth topics, from learning to read critically, to helping students start their own novel, to instruction on refining an academic essay. The approach used is welcoming and encouraging, which helps kids to build confidence in writing, no matter their age or level of experience.

Best Workshop Group for Experienced Adults: O.C. Writers

“Feedback is a gift.” This is a creed spoken by many an experienced writer. Whether you’ve already written a few pieces, or you are looking to start your first piece in a group setting, O.C. Writers is a great resource.  The group meets monthly for workshop, but also offers a number of resources, including a Facebook group, classes, write-ins, and social events. Participation is free, but the group does ask for a small donation from returning members, which help to fund the above events.

Best Intensive Workshop for Adults: Creative Writing Workshop

This free, fourteen-week program helps new writers to learn the ropes of the creative writing process. The class is taught by acclaimed novelist Richard Bausch, who has teamed up with Chapman University to create the workshop. Because the group is small, writers are likely to make friends while they hone their craft.

Regardless of your age or experience level, there is a group in the O.C. that can help you improve your writing.

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