Where Are the Top Splash Pads in the Inland Empire?

Splash PadOne thing that the residents of the Inland Empire are no stranger to is the hot temperatures. You want your children to play outside and be active, but the last thing you want is for them to get sunburned. Taking them to a splash pad is an easily solution to this problem. It is a water park where they are sure to have a blast.

The question is: where are some of the best splash pads in Inland Empire at?

Mulligan Family Fun Center – 24950 Madison Avenue – Murrieta, CA

In addition to being one of the best water parks in Inland Empire, this fun center offers mini-golf, go-karting, batting cages, laser tag, and so much more. Did you know that every Tuesday the admission price is just $12? The water slides open at 11AM and guests are encouraged to wear appropriate swim wear.

The Cove Waterpark – 4310 Camino Real – Riverside, CA

This water park is an exceptionally popular choice because it features not one, but several different attractions for your family to enjoy including:

  • Riptide Reef FlowRider
  • Ne'er Endin' river
  • Lil' Mates' Lagoon
  • Crow's Nest Slides

The Lil' Mates' Lagoon is perfect if you happen to be the proud parent of a younger child. What a lot of people really love about this water park is the fact that it offers a nice blend of attractions for people of all ages. You can bring your little ones and your teenagers, they will both have a good time.

Naturally, these are just a few of the best splash pads just waiting for you and your family to enjoy. Just keep in mind that these are so much more than just splash pads. They are full blown water parks. They are a great way for your entire family to enjoy the day.

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