Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Paint Your HomeLet me ask you, if you were selling your car would you take the time to wash it first? Of course you would! You know that taking that little extra time to wash and detail it will ultimately result in you receiving a better price for the car.

The same principal applies when it comes time to sell a home. However, many sellers don’t take the proper steps in preparing their home so that it shows at its best when listed for sale. This is very unfortunate for them as their home will most likely take longer time to sell and will probably not sell at full market price.

There are recommendations we make to every seller prior to listing their home. We encourage them to take an hour or so to walk around the exterior and interior of the home and make a list of everything that needs some attention. For example, marks on the walls, that nail hole that you never patched, carpet stains or scratches on the floor, leaky faucets etc. all detract from the presentation of your home to a potential buyer. After making your assessment, take the weekend to take care of all the items on your list making your home look its best.

Clean Your HomeBuyers want to picture what the home would look like if they lived there. For this reason you will want to remove all your personal items. Start packing those family photos and knick knacks, and remove any extra furniture that makes your rooms look crowded. Get rid of any clutter!

Now you can start concentrating on the extra touches that should help you get top dollar for your home. Seems simple but you would be surprised at how many sellers don’t take the time to do this Clean the house from top to bottom, wash the windows, clean the blinds, cut and manicure the lawn, trim the bushes and weeds, wash the driveway and arrange furniture to give an open feel.

Refinish Your HomeNow that your home is ready it is time to prepare for showings. Agents will start calling you to set up appointments, so take the time to do a quick walk through. Pick up that laundry and put those dishes away! Walk around the home, turn the lights on, open the blinds and turn on some soothing music. If you have a dog put him in a dog run or kennel. If possible, it is best to leave the home when it is being shown. When the owner of a property leaves the premises, the prospective buyers feel more comfortable taking their time and will give your home the careful consideration it deserves.

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