Things to Do in Irvine Terrace, Corona Del Mar


If you are thinking about visiting or relocating to Irvine Terrace in Corona Del Mar, you will appreciate having some background information about this area. The neighborhoods are located next to each other with only a mile separating them. Located in the city of Newport Beach, you will find that the area is home to impressive homes, hotels, shopping centers as well as other attractions. Below we will look at what you need to know about these well-known areas in the Newport Beach.

Crystal Cove State Park

This is one of California’s state parks located close to Irvine Terrace. It is made up of a coastline; a historic district made up of beach houses, the inland chaparral canyons as well as an underwater park and marine conservation area. As you can see, visitors will be treated to a variety of attractions in one place. The main activities include hiking, mountain biking, horse riding as well as kin and scuba diving off the coastline. Those looking to spend most of their time outdoors also have the option to spend the night in the park’s camping grounds.

Fashion Island

This is one of the impressive lifestyle centers in Newport Beach. It is one of the best places to hang out with the family shopping, eating out or having fun. Fashion Island is composed of a variety of high-end stores restaurants and movie theatres. Having gone through a variety of renovations in a bid to modernize it while adding much-needed facilities since its launch back in 1967; residents of Corona Del Mar are more than well served by this lifestyle center.

Sherman Library and Gardens

These are botanical gardens located in Corona Del Mar. Nature lovers will be more than impressed by the collection of flower beds, conservatories, patios and fountains present. The variety of plants and flowers found in the Sherman Library and Gardens vary from desert variety to tropical species. Visitors have to pay an entry fee most of the time.

Corona Del Mar State Beach

The Corona Del Mar State Beach is also part of the California state parks. The beach is known for its part in developing the surfing culture as it was a major surfing hotspot in the past. The area is a great place for families to spend a refreshing time in the sun.

Irvine Terrace Park

This is an area right at the heart of Irvine Terrace where residents can go for picnics while enjoying the outdoor weather. There are picnic, tables and chairs available meaning that all you need is some picnic snacks, and you are good to go.

All of these attractions ensure that residents have many opportunities to take full advantage of their beautiful community


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