The Best Beaches in Dana Point


Beaches - they are abundant in Dana Point, California, and can be considered as a good reason to move here. If you love the sea and the sun, this is going to be the perfect place to live, or even to just visit for a vacation. Keep on reading and learn more about some of its best beaches, perfect to be enjoyed almost any time of the year.

Salt Creek Beach

If you are a surfer, this long and sandy beach is going to be a well-loved destination in Dana Point. Salt Creek Beach is not only perfect for surfing, but even for swimming and fishing. There are also beach facilities that can be enjoyed, such as volleyball and basketball court. This is one of the best beaches in the area for the whole family.

Dana Strand Beach

This sandy beach is full of people worshipping the sun. It is found in a gated community, and here, you can find a lot of houses on the hillside. Dana Strand Beach is also a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts. One of the main reasons on why this beach is popular is the commanding view that it offers, especially when you are atop a hill.

Baby Beach

Situated at the western end of the Dana Point Harbor, it is known for having very soft sand, perfect for bare walking. There are also no waves on this beach, which makes it an ideal location for standup paddle boarding and kayaking.

Monarch Beach

If you are into luxury, this is the perfect beach destination in Dana Point. The Monarch Beach is the location of two high-end hotels – Ritz-Carlton Laguna Nigel and St. Regis. It is named as such because its most distinctive feature is the Monarch Bay. The beach is very close to an 18-hole golf course and a shopping destination.

Doheny State Park

With more than one mile of sandy coast, the Doheny State Park is often recognized by many as one of the best beaches of California. There is also a campsite and a picnic area, perfect for weekend fun with the whole family or with a group of friends.

Capistrano County Beach

Also known as a Capo Beach, it offers an abundance of activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. At Capistrano County Beach, swimming is not the reason why people visit. Most people come here to have a stunning view of the sun as it sets.

Poche Beach

This public beach in Dana Point is known for its consistent waves, making it perfect for surfing, especially during the summer season. Poche Beach once had a notorious reputation for being filthy. Today, however, it is now more developed, such as with efforts for water conservation and filtration.

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