Pelican Hill: A Stylish Neighborhood in Newport Coast


Gifted with a wonderful climate, which many describes as something that is similar to the Mediterranean region, Southern California, specifically Newport Coast, is an attractive location for people who are looking for new homes. The chill out vibe, healthy lifestyle, and beautiful beaches surrounding the area make it a prime spot. While there are many places in Newport Coast where one can find a home, one of the most popular is Pelican Hill. This gated community is believed to be one of the pioneers of high-end living in the area, as evidenced by the properties that populate its land.

Home of Custom Estates

Pelican Hill, Newport Coast has the reputation of being a community that has started the trend towards building large custom estates in grand lots. Since it has opened in 1995, it has been home to estate-style properties, making it attract luxurious homeowners. In fact, it is believed that this coastal community now has 150 exclusive homes with staggering prices ranging from $5 to $25 million. Indeed, this is sufficient proof that this is a neighborhood that is made for those who can afford extravagant coastal living.

Living in Style in Pelican Hill, Newport Coast

As a lavish neighborhood, the community is known for top-of-the-class amenities and attractions. One of the many reasons why it is an attractive choice for urban dwellers is that it is home of the sumptuous Pelican Hill Resort. For those who love to play golf, this alone is a sufficient reason to consider the neighborhood. The resort has two 18-hole golf courses with world-class design. Aside from golfing, the resort is also a prime destination amongst residents of Pelican Hill, Newport Coast, who love to experience how to be treated like a royalty in a world-class spa.

The Crystal Cove State Park is another reason that makes the community of Pelican Hill attractive. This state park occupies 3.2 miles of the Pacific coastline, which offers a commanding view of the ocean. The entire state park offers plenty of activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, such as horseback riding, biking, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Another beach that is famous near the community is Corona del Mar, which is generally divided into two parts: the Big Corona and the Little Corona. At the Big Corona, you can enjoy activities like swimming and volleyball. At Little Corona, you can have some quiet time while enjoying the serenity of the beach.

In summary, Pelican Hill, Newport Coast offers stunning location that is perfect for high-end lifestyle. With stunning landscapes and upscale experiences, this neighborhood will provide you with a lavish experience.

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