Discover Laguna Beach's Three Arch Bay

Located at the southern fringe of the Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, people who visit the area of Three Arch Bay easily notice that it is a gated community that combines the features of an oceanfront and a beachfront. The original Laguna Beach buildings around here date back to the early 1920s. They are grand and large edifices built as model oceanfront and beachfront homes that provide a unique view of the shimmering sea. Three Arch Bay enjoys a 24-hour access monitoring with main entrance gate mounts, basketball courts, private tennis courts, clubhouse, and park.

Natural Features and Scenery

Large cliffs, cascading waves and an alluring sunset view make the natural landscape of Three Arch Bay an enchanting invite to the prospective homeowner. The location is described as Mussel Cove and is walled off by cliffs on either ends with bluffs that tower high enough to prevent access by any means from any of the adjacent beaches. There are three stairways that separate the homes from the beach area, and they highlight the steep bluff that leads onwards to the beach. They are located at the Barrance Wayend, Bay Drive, and the La Senda Drive area.

The main entrance to Three Arch Bay is the Vista Del Sol Coast Highway 1 intersection, and it is from here that visitors gain entrance to the community. The name ‘Three Arch Bay’ is derived from the three natural arches of small size that is found around the huge rock towards the northern fringe of the bay.

The sandy cove that is also ubiquitous but small is found close to the huge rock. Mussel Cove is noted for its strong rip current, so visitors are advised to avoid swimming around here since there are no stations hoisted by lifeguards around here.

Another close public beach that can be found around the area is the Thousand Steps Beach, which is regarded as an excellent addition to the expansive scenery of this location as it has its own natural caves and features to explore.

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