Community Spotlight: Monarch Bay


Monarch Bay is located in the Dana Point City of Orange County, California. It is home to the luxury resorts of St Regis and Ritz Carlton which is both located within the beachside. The Monarch Beach lies on the fringe of Dana Point, which borders the Laguna Niguel.

The Monarch Bay is home to some residences and is a magnet for travelers, who are attracted to the tourist scenery of its shores. Its neighborhood is largely denominated by large houses and a landscape of rolling hills that were once home to the famed Monarch Butterfly. The natural ecosystem has since given way to the resplendent houses and lush greenery.

The Monarch Bay Scenery

The Monarch Bay area like the rest of Dana Point has a close access to the beach and is considered a safe area with a very low crime rate. It has a productive and cool atmosphere with a number of well rated public schools that stand out in terms of quality.  It is in close proximity to a shopping center and the Dana Point Harbor.

Some of the other attractions include “The Links’’-which is one of Southern California’s best golf courses. It was designed by Robert T. Jones Jr. and is a melting pot of celebrities and leading lights. Other attractions include the Salt Creek Beach and the Strands Beach which are all within five minutes reach from the Monarch Beach.

The Monarch Bay social scene swings between the scheduled and private itineraries depending on personal preferences. The monarch Bay area offers what can be an everyday getaway between the ubiquitous beach side, open restaurants, resorts and the Monarch Bay Club.

Opportunities in Monarch Bay

As a result of the high-end properties in the area and the exotic location, it has been an economic and leisure attraction to many people who desire to have a slice of the Monarch Bay Pie. From resort homes to getaway spots, the range of opportunities it offers to prospective investors is diverse.

As the years roll by, the property pricing in Dana Point has been on the spike and developers have seized the moment to plant their buildings of choice. This, clearly, is a marked feature of the city. Dana Point was incorporated as Orange County’s 28th city in 1989 and real estate developments are on the upsurge and projected to grow over the next decade.

The ocean front ensures that the city will always be an attraction to people from across the country and other parts of the world. Whether those who come to Monarch Bay, do so for short stays, or visits, the mileage for businesses, remain attractive.

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