Are There Any Youth and Adult Sports Offers near San Clemente?

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San Clemente is an active town with locals that love to be outdoors. Since there is so much interest in being active, the city has set up adult sports leagues as well as youth sports to get you involved with the community and enjoying a favorite pastime. Whether you’re interested in playing football, basketball, softball or want to get your kids involved with a team, here are the youth and adult sports offered near San Clemente.

Goal Zone Sports for 6-12 years

Goal Zone features flag football and soccer during the 2015 year. The focus of Goal Zone is to enhance skill development, healthy living and fun for youths. It’s typically a six week program that includes a light snack and t-shirt where students will learn new skills, drill training, practice games and ending with a tournament. This usually takes place at Las Palmas Elementary, Concordia Elementary and Marblehead Elementary but all area school students can participate.

Adult Coed Soccer & Coed Softball

Adults can participate in coed soccer held at Vista Hermosa Sports Park at 987 Avenida Vista Hermosa. League fees are $570 including official fees, 10 games, playoffs and awards for winners.

Coed softball is at Richard T. Steed Memorial Park at 247 Ave. La Pata for $670.

Men’s Basketball

For $625 you can take part in Men’s basketball at the Boys and Girls Club Gym on Calle Valle. This takes place on Sundays from 3-7pm.

Middle School Basketball

Middle school students can play in middle school basketball year round. The Middle School Sports are offered as after-hours programs including flag football and cheerleading in the fall, basketball in the winter, soccer and volleyball in the spring and beach volleyball in the summer. This is for ages 12-14 years old.

Finally, be sure to check out Friday night football & cheer in the spring each year at Vista Hermosa Sports Park.

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