Mortgage Relief Options

If you have missed a few payments on your home loan, and you feel you have no options - you do! You may have three or four choices, including keeping your existing home and lowering your monthly payments. Time is of the essence; the sooner you contact us, the more options you may have. Give us a call, email, or fill out the form below for a free analysis of your situation and an outline your choices. There is no cost or obligation for this consult, and it is completely confidential.

Loan Modification & Short Sale Assistance

Loan Modification: A new mortgage rate, time frame, or other terms and conditions are modified on an existing loan.

Lien Modification: The mortgage lender modifies the existing loan, making it possible for the borrower to qualify for refinance with a different lender.

Short Sale: The mortgage lender allows the house to be sold at a price lower than the mortgage owed and forgives the borrower the balance of the debt. This is used as a last option to avoid foreclosure when other avenues are not feasible.  Additional Short Sale Information

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: When a house in saleable condition has been on the market for at least 30 days without selling, the bank may accept the deed to the house in lieu of foreclosure and forgive the balance of the debt.


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